Dave Ruffino on David Flynn


By: Dave Ruffino, 10-30-2012

As I write this a thousand things are racing through my mind so I hope that I can get everything into order. Also, as I think of the word “order” I think of Dave Flynn; a man who, like King Solomon was endowed with a wisdom that far transcended earthly wisdom and without any doubt whatsoever had a wisdom placed upon him and within him by what we Jews call the Ruach Ha Kodesh; the Holy Spirit of Yahweh. What I found so beautiful about the person of Dave Flynn is that although he had all of that wisdom, he didn’t let it get to his head like so many do. There was a humility and contriteness in Dave that proved to me that he was an authentic Child of Yahweh for after all, those two attributes are what Yahweh said HE preferred in a man and could use for HIS glory.

I went to Roswell in 2005 to listen to the speakers at the Ancient of Days Conference that was being put on during the Fourth of July week. I was interested in many of the speakers, but particularly in Dave, whose website I had been scanning for a few years prior. I will always remember an amusing incident that happened when I got to Roswell. I was invited to a dinner the day before the conferences started. At the conference I was seated at the end of the table, the far end and to my right sat who I thought was Dave Flynn. I hadn’t realized that the table had become quiet, one of those “pregnant pauses” as they call them. I stuck my hand out to shake Dave’s hand and said, “well finally, after years of reading your website I get to meet you Dave Flynn, what an honor it is…” The man at my right smiled at me and said something to the effect, “well, that is very nice of you, but I am Mark Flynn, David’s brother and David is sitting over there,” at which time he pointed toward the other end of the long table. I never realized that Dave had a twin, never knew it and felt humbled at my error, but happy to meet Dave’s twin and the one who later I found shared in Dave’s ministry and research.

The next few days were hectic but the time came for some of us to jump in a couple of vehicles and go out into the desert. Know this ahead of time I had rented a big SUV at the Albuquerque Airport, something odd for me to do; getting so large a vehicle (I’m cheap, okay?) but Yahweh knew His plans for us. We followed Dave and Mark who were with their companions in ministry. They had rented a small white compact car and after a while of driving out on the old desert roads their car started to bottom out on some of the washed out roads. We made the decision to park their car and pack all of their equipment and all the people into the SUV and proceed from there. See, Yahweh had it all covered; this expedition had to be from Him. We continued on, Mark with his GPS units in hand and finally we settled on a spot where we thought we could hike to the place where Dave’s calculations indicated that the real 1947 Roswell crash site should be. I know that this information is shared in another part of this tribute to Dave so I won’t say too much more because I hate redundancy as do most readers. None of us were prepared for the trek in which took about forty five minutes but I did realize that again Yahweh had our back. During the hike in (and the hike out too) some high clouds had blown in and because of that it had become cooler which made me reflect on my ancestor’s trek from Egypt, how a cloud came by day to shield them from the sun. This was another sign for me that we were on the right track and that Dave’s calculations really meant something. Yet another indication that this was true was that the GPS unit that Mark was using twice lost contact with all of the satellites that Mark was using to get us to the correct location. Mark was really perplexed about this because the machine was working fine. Mark said should not happen and both times the satellites would pop back up by one’s and two’s until they all were back on the screen; another indicator that we were on the right track, and that someone didn’t want us out there. You see, I’m convinced that aside from the crash site there is something else out there. Explain to me, how being so many miles from Roswell, out in the middle of nowhere with no cell towers in sight, I was able to have four bars on my cell phone. Is there something there, perhaps underground that they didn’t want us to find?

The Warriors who reclaimed the real crash site for Yeshua: left to right; Joe Jordan, David Flynn, Fred Fredrickson, Dave Ruffino, Gino Michaletti and Mark Flynn

As you have seen on the video we did some neat stuff while we were out there. David explained his calculations to the audience and the significance of those numbers; we had a Communion service there, blew the Shofar and I read a prophetic prayer that Yahweh kept me up till 2AM that morning writing. On the way back to the truck I got to see the true love and compassion of both Dave and Mark. In 2005 I was pretty healthy, being 46 years old but as things go, this was the time I was to experience the first and only ever kidney stone. I was in agony, sometimes gasping for breath but trying not to let the others know I was in distress. We carried a lot of things into the site and had to carry them out too. Dave and Mark both saw that I was laboring and they took the things that I was carrying to lighten my load. We talked about Hebrew roots and how they (Mark and Dave) were fascinated by the Jewish people and how things would play out in the future prophetic theme. I got to spend some one-on-one time with Dave before we all left Roswell. A couple of us went to breakfast with him and Dave had a look about him that he was glad that the whole things was over. It was like he was happy that he had been obedient to Yahweh by speaking what he was commissioned to speak and that the obedience brought him joy: but at the same time he was ready to get out of Dodge, so to speak. We talked about the previous day, shared our love for Yahweh and then all went our separate ways.

After that time I kept in touch with Dave through e-mails, although I have to admit that he wasn’t one for answering those too often. Mark was great because I would write to him to tell him that I just sent Dave an e-mail and would he make sure that Dave read it. My mails to Dave always included something with numbers and how they somehow added up in odd ways and Dave would write back telling me that he had never seen that particular picture and told me to keep praying and writing things down. He was particularly interested in how my study of the camps around the Tabernacle, when laid out would appear to look like a cross from someone who could hover far above the site; a foreshadow of the crucifixion. Things like this Dave would chew up like new and exotic food that he had never tasted before but liked a lot.

I got to see Dave again in 2008 when I spoke at the Military Academy auditorium the same day that he spoke. There were three of us, Dave, myself and Jim Wilhelmsen that thought outside the box and the three of us all hit it off. Before the speaking engagement I was very nervous and told Dave that the night before I had read that in order to break the nervousness it is sometimes good to meet the audience personally before the talk so that you were then speaking to people you knew. I always appeared to me that Dave’s contriteness caused him to not stare much at the audience, almost a shyness that he appeared to have. Being a David also, and having a prophetic ministry like David had, I knew that this was not shyness, but it was his attempt to get the message out without bringing any glory to himself and that he wanted Yahweh to receive all of the glory. Many “David’s” share this attribute, and if you believe that people’s names shape their character, like I do you can understand this. David Flynn was (and still is for that matter) a man after Yahweh’s own heart! People who do not know Yahweh very well and those who don’t know him personally at all never understand this character trait, They see it as timidness and weakness and some will even say that the speaker doesn’t believe his own message because of this demeanor, but it is humility, and it is a beautiful character trait that Dave Flynn exemplified so well.

The last time that I saw Dave was just after we spoke in Roswell in 2008. We were hungry but didn’t have much time till we had to be on the road to the airport in Albuquerque; a three hour drive. So my fiancĂ© Lourdes, myself, Dave and Jim Wilhelmsen all piled into our car and went to McDonalds for lunch. Well, at the restaurant we talked up a storm, all bouncing ideas off of each other about many things. Dave noticed that my fiancĂ© seemed a little lost in the conversation so he turned his attention toward her. She was a Mexican from Mexico and had a limited understanding of English. It was like Dave put everything else on hold just to take the time to gently and slowly explain things to Lourdes so that she could understand; for those few moments nothing else mattered to Dave except that Lourdes understand and not feel left out of the loop. She was ecstatic about this and always talked about Dave after that. She had sensed prior to this that Dave was something special. She had the gift of discernment from the Ruach Ha Kodesh and from the first moment that she met him she knew that Dave was genuine; one who like the rest of us was born again and walked in the Spirit. She went to be with Yahweh about a year before David did, and from an injury to the brain just like David.

When I heard of Dave’s glioblastoma I did a lot of research. The research showed me that the only person who could heal David totally was Yahweh and I prayed long and hard that this would be the case. I wanted to know him so much better. I saw in Dave a person (although he was light years ahead of me in intelligence) like myself. I think that all true believers in Yahweh saw a little of themselves in Dave and what we all share is the Yeshua inside of all of us, our DNA recognition code to put it in scientific terms. David to me was in in research what Keith Green was in worship music; both endowed with so much of the Holy Spirit that they possessed the Shekinah Glory of Yahweh in their expertise; Yahweh’s gift to the world in the things that they were fashioned to do from before the foundation of all things. Dave did what he was told to do while here on Earth and I have no doubt that when he woke up in Heaven the very first words were “well done thou good and faithful servant.” I’m not ashamed to admit that when I heard of Dave’s translation to heaven I cried and cried. This friend who I didn’t know very well, yet I knew so well was taken away, and at such a young age in our reckoning anyway. Dave’s still around however. He’s around in his research which continues to touch so many. He’s around in his family, especially Mark who wasn’t David’s sidekick, but Dave’s co-researcher and the one who now, instead of being one of two candles in the darkness of this world is the combination of the two candles.

We’ll see Dave again and his passing is not a goodbye, but just an “I’ll see you later,” to which I say, “yes my friend and brother, we will see each other again.” Dave understands it all now; there are no mysteries anymore; it all fits together for him now. Now our prayers not only continue for Mark, but they intensify for Mark, his health, his family and his research; and that Yahweh protect him as he walks with our Maker and fulfills Yahweh’s will for his life.

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