Derek & Sharon Gilbert of PID Radio on David Flynn

284245_10150276178369138_823579137_7304665_4935751_nDerek and I first met David in July, 2005 shortly after his seminal presentation to Guy Malone’s first Roswell conference. Naturally, our topic centered on David’s astonishing discovery about the hidden, numerical significance of the Roswell crash. That wonderful man’s mind was a gift from the Lord! Can you believe that David told us that he’d found mathematics dull and difficult as a child? His insights into the numbers web that connects events in space and time never cease to amaze, but David’s humility and grace amazed us all the more. Occasionally, he’d call or email just to chat, but I remember one spring when he revealed to us that he had a project that he believed he had to finish quickly, for he had a sense that time was running out. Back then (2007), I assumed he meant time before the events found in Revelation began to occur. Now, I wonder if he didn’t have a more personal urgency in his heart. That project turned out to be Temple at the Center of Time—a priceless book with elegant yet mind-boggling connections that is still showing us connections today. David’s incredible work lives on, encouraging and compelling us to dig deeper. We miss him so very much, but we will see him one day—face to face—when we can shake his hand and thank him for his unflagging diligence in serving Christ.

– Sharon K. Gilbert, author and co-host PID Radio

Link to PID Radio Interviews with David

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