Jim Wilhelmsen on David Flynn


Jim Wilhelmsen & David E. Flynn, 2004

Dave was one of the first of pioneers in explaining the UFO/Alien phenomena from a Biblical perspective. His website was confirmation and inspiration for me back in the late 90s to my own calling. In 2003 I met Dave and we became friends right away. The friendship I had with Dave looking back was a privilege and an honor that at the time I never fully realized and took for granted. We never hung out together as we lived hundreds of miles apart but with the Internet and phone a bond as co-workers in Christ soon developed. Dave was probably the most intelligent man I ever met let alone one who I was able to consider a personal friend. However, what made him and his ministry so powerful was not his intellect alone, it was the humility that he lived as a godly man and how he was able to present his intellect before the Lord and let it be controlled by Him. This rare combination made him and his life a historical landmark for all of us who have read and studied his work and especially those of us who got to know him. He is sorely missed but we can all take comfort in knowing he left us with a lot to ponder and consider in the future. Within his twin brother Mark the amazing ministry is continued with the same intellect and humility.

Thanks Dave and Mark for your service in the Lord.

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