Steven Quayle on David Flynn

Remembering David Flynn – Entry 2 
A new series on the research and findings of a modern Christian genius (link to original)

Posted: June 12, 2012
11:00 am Eastern

A Note from Steven Quayle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second entry into a series on the works and discoveries of David Eric Flynn, a modern Christian genius who died at the age of 49 this past January 22, 2012 after a short battle with cancer. For nearly two decades David published original and groundbreaking research on his renowned Watchers Website.

When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. —Jonathan Swift

stevequayle2David Flynn, like Isaac Newton before him, was a “GIANT” in the understanding of the God of Creations’ infinite majesty, power, and presence throughout the universe displayed. Every generation has its heaven-sent “Time-Keepers” to remind the world that we all have an appointed time and season of revelation and purpose to all that we see around us. It is as if the Almighty God holds specific time locks to His revelations and specific messengers tasked with bringing it forth.

Sir Isaac Newton stated, “IF I HAVE SEEN FURTHER THAN OTHERS, IT IS BY STANDING UPON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.” Newton is considered the father of modern science (it’s a tragedy that most scientists have not followed in their progenitors footsteps). He knew of the multi-dimensional code in the Holy Bible, but wasn’t able to find the Book of Revelation timeline that he spoke about and alluded to. David Flynn was able to stand upon his shoulders and be blessed with the revelation that Newton knew existed but was time-locked out of comprehending. The result was David Flynn’s masterpiece, Temple at the Center of Time (included in the upcoming David Flynn Collection).

In the hours that I spent with David over the years, it was as if time stood still as we shared revelations of giants, astronomy, ancient history, time, space, and eternity. But most importantly, we spoke of the most important individual in the universe—JESUS CHRIST! We would get lost for hours in the contemplation of all His majesty, discussing the most magnificent concept in the universe—God’s redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.

The Holy Spirit graced David’s life with a continual flow of revelation that placed him in a constant river of discovery inhabiting a realm that most never even touch—let alone acknowledge its existence. He was like a little child in his enthusiasm and quest for exploration and discovery, pointing out to me tools and artifacts that he had uncovered in Montana. His understanding of the Fallen Angels—and the Space Alien connection—was what prompted me to publish his book,Cydonia: The Secret Chronicle of Mars (back in print for the first time in a decade and also included in the upcoming Collection). David’s understanding in mathematics, astronomy, and antiquity was like no other person I had ever read researched or investigated. He excited my heart and challenged my brain, and as Keppler stated, to “think God’s thoughts after him.”

David had a love for the Author of Truth—Jesus—and was a wonderful example of Goethe’s statement that, “The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth”! David lived the words of Isaac Newton, who stated that, “We should live our lives as an exclamation point, not as an explanation,” sharing with one another the multitude revelations and the God of Creations’ ever-unfolding mysteries, which He made for those who love Him and which He is thrilled to share with His redeemed children.

As the blogger “Radaractive” wrote:

Man didn’t invent God, as the foolish like to contend. God revealed Himself to us and the Bible is His Word, a means of communication between a higher power outside of and beyond existence Who is too different from our temporal existence for us to grasp apart from His Word. Can you teach algebra to your dog? Can you teach fish how to sing “Handel’s Messiah”? Those things may have a tiny, incredibly remote chance of happening. That existence created itself? No possibility at all. God invented logic and therefore the universe has logical laws. But the secrets behind the logic and the very most basic and intricate ways that subatomic particles and very huge objects behave are beyond us.[1]

David was the first fruits of this timed release of the end-of-the-age timeline as the final countdown before the second triumphant return of Jesus Christ is playing out before our very eyes. David embodied Newton’s prophetic statement: “About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.” David lives in my heart and mind as he graced my life with vision and understanding.

I can’t even imagine the sharing of thoughts going on at this moment between Sir Isaac Newton and David Flynn as they bare their hearts and reflections with each other in the presence of King Jesus… Wow would I ever like to listen in!

Steven Quayle

[1] Radaractive, “Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him? Or Pretending God Isn’t There?” RADARACTIVE BLOG, May 3, 2011,

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