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Presentations by David Flynn

2012: Year of Resurrection (Roswell’s link to 2012)- David Flynn’s last and most important lecture on 2012 and its full meaning. The Doomsday Clock? Astronomical Precession and 2012 David Flynn decodes the Crabwood Glyph which was discovered on August 14, 2002 outside of Winchester, England. Lights swirling around and then zooming into the sky along with strange pulsing noises were reported to accompany the creation of this glyph.  God, Man, and ET Confrence: David Flynn on Cydonia and the Mars/Earth Connection David Flynn: Mysteries of Mars. David’s 2003 talk on his book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars, which garnered something of a cult following over the years, and is newly in print within the phenomenal David Flynn Collection. (See over there in the right hand column.)

Video Shorts by David Flynn

Freemason Timeline Decoded – 2012/2016 Antichrist and Bible Prophecy Temple at the Center of Time: Jerusalem the Epicenter of History Temple at the Center of Time: In a Nutshell Shroud of Turin, the Face of Christ 2012 Prophecy of the Great Pyramid Temple at the Center of Time World War III and Georgia 2012 Stargate 2012 Doomsday and the United States

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